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GT3 Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It was 5 Years ago that we first debuted our layout, in Jan 2014. Since then we've been running 6-7 shows a year, changing it up every time, constantly improving, and never settling for "good enough". Once we have one new improvement mastered, it's on to the next. So, to celebrate our anniversary, we were back in Woodstock in January, running in the same venue we first ran our display. Only this time we pulled out all the stops and did a layout that combined our latest with our greatest. We've been running our 5 concentric loops layout for a couple of shows now, which allows us to run nice long consists down straights as long as 17', and we combined this with something from our past, the Triple Pizza, which combines 3 small tracks into a space only about 3'x4'. Combined, we had 8 trains running simultaneously – not a first, but certainly something we've not had on our layout for over 2 years.

5th Anniversary Layout, Woodstock, Jan 2019

More lights than ever before

We also pulled out all our operating light accessories, and even made a few more, just so we could have as much lighting on the layout, especially under the elevated portion. While this added an extra hour to our setup, it was worth it for the extra level of sparkle they created.

We'll be celebrating our anniversary all year, each show trying something new, winning the train show every time.

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